Living Free

by Dedication

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Recorded and mixed in October, 2015 at Bay Area Studio by Diego Henrique Rocha.
Mastered at Acustica Studio by Danilo Pozzani.
Youth Crew vocals by Dedication and Cantinfras (Inspire).
All songs by DEDICATION (c) 2015.


released February 25, 2016



all rights reserved


Dedication São Paulo, Brazil

Youth Crew Straight Edge from São Paulo/Brazil.

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Track Name: Living Free
Living in suffering
Feeling like I’m bound by chains
It's time to live free!

Living free
Free of hate
Free of poisons
Mind strong and free

It's the wrong way
Hate and intolerance
Destroy your mind

Lost in drugs
With closed eyes
Trying to hide your strife
It's not a solution
Clear your mind
and open your heart
Living free
of all negative things
Is Never too late
to make a new beginning
Your life
Just can't wait
Track Name: It's Real
I go to shows
And feel that energy
That's how I feel
I know this is real

The music
The message
This is real

The pointing fingers
The singing along
Many stage dives
It makes me feel alive

My heart explodes
The feelings are sincere
I'm with my friends
I know this is real
Track Name: Potential
Why give up?
You still have chances
Open your eyes
You got potential!

You can do it
Just believe
You got potential


Believe in yourself
Nothing is impossible
Just gotta try
Just gotta believe

Don't forget your dreams
Forget the weaknesses
Don't give up on your goals
You got potential
Track Name: Think About
I understand
You need reasons to consider
But you don’t accept the facts
Your choice is based
In common sense
And your eyes are closed!

Think about the pain
Think about the suffering
We're talking about a life
This blood is in your hands

It's easy when
The killer isn’t you
But think again
Your money pays for the murder
Forget about society
You can save many lives
Just open your eyes
If your dog is a friend
Why is a pig your food?
Track Name: Times Up
You will never understand
Because we’re a little different...
I live my convictions
You only see problems

You search for my flaws
But you don’t try your best
Don't waste Your time
And just try thinking clearly

It’s more than fashion
It’s more than empty words
If for you it’s only music
Then you are going the wrong way

C'mon The time is up
Look at Yourself
Make a change
And you will not feel alone
Track Name: Hopes
Being free of expectations
keeps you living cold
But there is no time for regrets
look out for yourself

Feed my soul

Thirst for action and change
producing what we believe in
it’s not in vain
And don’t reproduce what’s wrong
against the tide and freeing my soul

The opposite direction is my way
My long way